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There's a wide chasm between what can be fit into this current story, 'Zero Effort', and the size of the world it's set in. Some may think I spent many years of arduous world-building to finally come out with this fully fleshed out planet, but it was there from the start. A basic fantasy setting, much like others witnessed by those who have read, watched or played anything of the High Fantasy genre...



The world of Zero Effort is large and different, but not to any wide extent. For the most part much of the world's cultures resemble those from the middle ages or earlier, depending on where you go. But that is not to say that the technology and architecture is beneath that of the modern world we live in.

Science, for one, is not quite as widely practiced. In its place is Magic, which has spawned a whole new form of technology, powering lighthouses with magic flames, improving medical practices with Holy spells, and in the most civilized places producing self-propelled vehicles without wasteful consumption of fuel. However, the magic of this world can be abused by civilization, like any other resource. For more information on this, you should read the 'Magic' section.

Like Earth, Technology and magic development varies between countries, as well as diet, architecture, culture, religion and politics. Nobion, where our characters are currently set, is a Regency governed by followers of Bara, the Hildt to the north being the best known for it. Towa and Gilgaloss are primary hot-spots for those who wish to see the greatest architecture and most advanced magic-run technology. In the dry velds of Topisis, the settlements are scattered into many tribes of different yet closely related ethnicity. (Further Geographical information in World)

But most unlike Modern Earth, there are many more advanced races than the mere 'human'. There are the supposed 'Greater beings' and then there are the 'Later Beings', and everything in between, of which there are many to name.

The supposed 'hero' of the story is not a human. He's not even a 'Greater Being'. He's a 'Later Being', a Catkin, named Zeef, who was raised and tutored in the Magical University of Towa, the biggest and finest academy in the entire world. His biggest long-term goal is to learn the most he can about the world he lives in and the magic he wields through exploration, which is a fitting role to play in any world.

If you want to learn more too (and fill your head with kinda useless knowledge), go ahead and cruise through the other sections. Thank you!