Here you shall find Fan-material done by wonderful people! I list the images by artist, because that's what I do.
If you are one of these wonderful people and have a gift for me, you can either PM me on ComicFury, show it to Bandkanon-Bofors on Deviantart, or send it to


Kata (Random Thoughts)
- My first true fanart! :D And the best part is that she did the star and moon earring on Zeef exactly right! ... I was worried that nobody could tell what it was. -_-;

DreamOfSerenity (No comic...YET.)
- A birthday present from my dear friend Serenitaugh! :D It makes me so happy. And yes, Zeef's eyes are purple. SHOCK!
- SWIRLEY BEARS! Yup, more Twigs, because Twigs is amazing. And he's quite in-character in this one, as he ALWAYS says the randomest of crap.
- :3 yup, that's the joke.
- Zeef casting a magics! Looks like it might be Aegis Charge or something of that nature?
- Twigs!! Alongside two characters which resemble him-- one being from a Pokemon rp I've been doing with Serenity and the other being from something else I've made. She's lucky to know it exists. :P
- WOOT! FIRST MAIEL FANARTS! And he looks pissy as ever!

Teh-Lady-Randomness (Daily Doodle)
- AdhucGJHGJAHGDJHKAHDALHDE! Twigs fanart number ONE! I'm quite sure he's gonna be very popular and get even more fanart than even Zeef himself.
- Well this one is actually a link to Lady's comic Daily Doodle, since it's there. But I have an extra on my computer just in case. This one is actually of Ridge! O_o RIDGE! I guess his potato-nosed face is lovable enough to develop a fan or two.

Jacob (or Butt Hunter) (Doesn't have a comic anymore B/)
- WILLARD fanart! Since Jacob tends to go 'oh dear' and 'oh my' a bit, I liken him to Willard sometimes. Because of this, he drew the guy. I didn't think he would. It's awesome.

Macey (Cube Cows!)
- WOOT more Willard-ness!!! Seriously, he seems really popular for a character that doesn't have a face to display emotions. It was really hard for me to find a way to portray his emotions properly, so I'm glad he's coming off so well.
- Mmm yes a Gingerbread Willaaaard!!! Sadly I was still in the process of moving when Macey made this so I had to reject her offer to send it. Oh well. It's still absolutely adorable and I'll cherish the image forever and ever.

Low (For the treasure: Adventures!)
- Low from For the Treasure: Adventures! took quite a fancy to this particular scene where Princess Barqs was looking up Twigs' race. Funny thing, I really enjoyed that scene too. It's basically the iconic beginning to Barqs and Twigs' friendship. c:
Here's a speed-paint demo for those interested!

Kristy (Wake the Sleepers)
- Aaargh Kristy made this for me AGES ago but I never got up off my butt to post it. Well, until now. Anyway, I love the way she uses sfx for magic. :D So awesome. Zeef looks like he's gonna dole out some asskick.

Ryan (Frostbound)
- This was a bit of an anniversary gift from Ryan. It features Willard in a badass pose with his silly teleporting sword that he only seems to use the hilt of, and he looks ready to slice some mofo down. Brilliant!
- So you are, Twigs. So you are.


Frosty (aka Ice) (Mitadake Saga)
- Now I know I post fanarts late but this was WAY late. D: I am so sorry! Anyway Barqs is really pretty in this one. Makes a romantic image of a very unromantic character in an unromantic story, haha. :D


XTwilight_EarthX (Magical Girls!)
- Obviously Twilight put a lot of effort into Zeef's eyes, as they look ALMOST EXACTLY like the way I draw them! Seriously, if there's one thing I love about Zeef it's his eyes, and they're portrayed so well in this fanart. Thank you Twilight!


Tukari Silver (Suns and Shadows)
- Aaaaa Zeef is so cute and sparkly in this picture! ^^ And squishy. Very squishy and fluffy. Tukari has a good style of kitty drawing.

Doomy (Demented)
- Aaaaa birthday present! I loves it. Either the cake and raspberry are giant or the ZF group have shrunk like in Honey I Shrunk the Kids. What stands out most to me in this image is how incredibly pretty Doomy made Princess Barqs. :D Aaaa so cuuute

Rollo (This Is Douglas)
- Zeef. Simply...Zeef. c: I kept forgetting to post this one on my extras, but NOW it's here! So yeah.


JRchace (Alignment)
- A really awesome, spiffy, colorful fanarts of Zeef! Man is he cocky.