Uh, me?? Well, there's not much to say. I'm a girl. I started Zero Effort on SmackJeeves, realized I wasn't getting many views at all because of differences in genre interest, and trickled on over to ComicFury. I love it here. I love the people here, and the comics too. I've tried writing several other webcomics back at Smackjeeves that never seemed to take off, but now that I'm in a supportive environment I can safely say I can follow through to the end with this one. I got most of my inspiration from some of my favorite shows, anime and games: Final Fantasy 9, Slayers, Lodoss Wars, Pirates of Dark Water... even D&D campaigns I'd participated in, and some of my favorite fantasy novels like Legends of Earthsea and Thieve's World. Good memories that I want to relive through this.

Also apparently according to other Comicfury members, I'm a cat that likes toast.



I know that kind of name's not what you'd expect for a High Fantasy story, and it doesn't even seem to have anything to do with the story. To be honest, I first called it 'Zero Effort' under the impression that I was just going to wing it and hammer out a short story in a world I'd already had designed in my head, which would have been easy and almost effortless.

Then I stopped for a long while and thought, 'why would I want such a small window into this world? I can go all the way, and as long as I'm passionate enough about it and have as much fun with it as I am now, it'll still feel like I'm putting no effort into it at all!'

Other than that, the 'Zero' in the name can easily represent Nihi, the Void. I've come to call the world this comic is set in the 'Zero World', for that very reason.



The Extras. Extra stuff that doesn't belong in Info goes here, like pin-ups, side-comics, fan-art, links to other sites or people's blogs or youtube accounts that I really like... Yeah, go check it out.
Extra ZERO EFFORT Material will be updated regularly.