by Bandkanon

Should have come here first.

Yes, it seems that I hail from a rival site to ComicFury. It's called Smackjeeves-- "WAAAAT SMACKJEEVES? YOU MEAN YAOIVILLE SMACKJEEVES?"
Yes. Yes, everyone, THAT smackjeeves.

It turns out that my comics have not been earning much popularity on SJ. Why? Because it isn't animu enough for their tastes, there's no yaoi, and there's no possibility of any sort of pairing.

Yes, no romance whatsoever. Shocking.

Usually this would be fine for a slice-of-life lolfest or a newspaper strip gag-a-day, but this isn't that either. It has a storyline. A beginning and an end. An entire world map, spell book, glossary everything. (I just have yet to translate the spell book and glossary into web format though.) People on Smackjeeves don't want that. Obviously.

It made me bitter and emo. I have dyed my hair black and considered suicide because of it, and black hair doesn't even LOOK good on me. I also hate these purple highlights. I hate my life.

...yeah obviously that last bit was a lie.